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Just be CALM.

Let us stop all the finger pointing and jousting. This is a time for all Americans to band together and wish those who were injured a speedy recovery, give our condolences to those families who lost love ones and gather facts of what really happened.  It really does no one any justice to place the blame without knowing the facts, only Jared knows the real reason for this senseless act of violence.  He is the person to blame right now for the suffering, he is the one who took the action.  Let’s be sad and reflect on our loss right now, at this time and in a week or so when we know more we can sort out the reason. Please watch  this video from it says alot;

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[tubepress video="LReU9FSeyzc"]

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Let them sit alphabetically

I watched a great video this morning.  It was from the group.  I have often watched the State of the Union and thought about mixing up the seating arrangements. I actually used a principle like this in the Air Force.  There were two groups of specialists in the F-15 Avionics Branch. One was known as Automatics (Black Boxes used cpu) and other as Manuals (Block Boxes did not use cpu) both thought their team was better, worked harder, knew more than the other. The test equipment they used was set up to block the middle of the room and separated the two.   We moved the equipment around the outside of the room against the wall so there was a large space in the middle and they could see each other.  WOW they began to come to together as a team and began to learn each others jobs.  A big PLUS for them since the Air Force was beginning to integrate the two disciplines together anyway.  They were ahead of the game and set the example for rest of the Air Force. Watch the video – this could work….

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Happy New Year

I wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Let us hope and pray that we can find the truth in this day of the 24 hour news cycle and growing spin doctors on every corner. Yes I do watch and listen to Glenn Beck but while I am not in lock step with his views I will repeat his mantra “Question with boldness!” I discovered it is very hard to find the truth when everyone uses different facts to justify, prove, and sway you to their mindset.  Be strong and think to yourself, how can I get to the truth.

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The Constitution

Have you ever read the United States Constitution?  Do you think you understand it?

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New from the Missouri Moose!

Welcome to my blog! I served 20 years in the United States Air Force and retired as a Master Sergeant (E7) 22 years ago. I consider myself an Independent in politics, I really do not believe in a religion tho I do believe in a higher being, and a person who believes the United States of America is a great country.

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